Quick Tip:How to prevent your Azure Resources from accidental deletion?

A common concern with resources provisioned in Azure is that the ease with which they can be deleted. A careless administrator can accidentally erase months of work with a few wrong clicks. Azure Resource manager locks can help here. Resource Manager Locks can allow organizations to put a predefined structure in place that prevents the accidental deletion of resources in their Azure Environment. Resource Manager locks can be associated with a subscription, resource group, or resource. Locks are inherited by child resources.

Resource manager Locks can be applied by going to a specific blade for example resource, resource group, or subscription, and selecting the Lock option in the blade.

There are two varieties of Locks.

  • Read-Only locks, which prevent any changes to the resource.
  • Delete locks, which prevent deletion.

Please note that Only Owner and User Access Administrator roles can create or delete management locks.

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