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June 2022

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Why the Databricks Delta Live tables are the next big thing?

In this blog, I have discussed the Databricks Lakehouse platform and its Architecture. What are the challenges involved in building the data pipelines and how Databricks Delta Live Table solves them?

How Delta live table offers ease of development and treats your data as a code. With Delta Live tables now, you can build reliable maintenance-free pipelines with excellent workflow capabilities.

We will learn the different concepts and terminology used in Delta Live tables and its unique monitoring capabilities.


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How to use Lineage, Insights and Monitoring in Microsoft Purview?

In this blog, I have discussed how to implement lineage, insights (reporting), and monitoring capabilities in Microsoft Purview.

First, we will understand what Lineage is and why it is important. Then, we will understand Purview’s insights capabilities and how purview provides the unique capabilities of reporting for Assets, Scans, Glossary, classification, and Sensitivity Labels.

Finally, we will gain knowledge on why it is important to monitor the purview environment and how to monitor it based on best practices.